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About Us

Our Journey

We are big believers in self-expression and people’s passion because it allows them to distinguish themselves from other and reflect their own beliefs, so we brainstormed to achieve the best way possible to do that & guess what? Phone cases were the best way possible, due to the importance of mobile devices nowadays, so why don’t we print on the back of it so people constantly feel attached to what they love & believe in just by looking at their hands, we immediately worked on establishing a brand to achieve that goal.


azz was established in 2018 mainly selling phone cases and other tech accessories, we also used to deliver all over the country, but it was a quite tough mission to manage all these kind of products and it’s distribution, we weren’t happy with that, where it contradicts our core values of delivering both,

  1. High quality
  2. Great Value to our beloved customers.



We set up a shrinking plan to allow us focus on our core values & professionally expand later with higher quality and greater value.

   We will focus on:

  • Customer Experience
  • Case Material
  • Printing Ink Quality
  • Delivering Operation

Which will allow us expand globally and offer a wider variety of great Zazz products.



“Zazz is the Essence of Extreme Coolness”


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